Art Classes with a Sip

Art Classes with a sip | Teal | Flowers | magenta flower | Yellow buds |

Art classes!!

Nope. Not the kind ya had in high school with that dear blue haired art teacher that smelled vaguely of Bengay! We’re talking fun, color filled, paint slinging, cardboard wrangling classes with a backdrop of your fave music!

Art and SAS!

We’re like Bob Ross with a bit SAS!

Raven’s Palette Art Classes are about 4 hours long and cover a specific art principle or two during each class. Canvas provided are 20×20 gallery wrapped meaning there is no need to frame. Instruction is step by step with encouragement to explore your OWN interpretation of the principle.

Expand Your Artistic Desire!

Completing one of the art classes you will leave with a finished painting. You’ll have an understanding of the principle AND permission to ignore the principle ya just learned OR expand on it according to YOUR artistic desire!