Sip and Paint Events

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A Little Sip, A Little Paint…

How busy are you? How many directions are you pulled in? Yeah. That’s what I thought. Too many.

I’m not even gonna go into all the science behind art being a huge stress reliever… What I am gonna say is you are your best self when you take time for yourself. AND even better when you take time for yourself with your friends in a relaxed and fun space!


My Best Pitch!

So yeah.. that’s my best sales pitch. That’s what I got.


All About That Paint… Bout That Paint!!

Raven’s Palette is all about that paint… bout that paint… and chillin and sippin. We are a “bring your own beverage” event venue. We supply the paint, canvas, brushes, aprons and extra painting supplies. You supply your beverage of choice and snacks. Step by step instructions are shared for every painting. Color choices are available on some paintings also.

Classes start on time so please plan to be 10-15 minutes early to set up, grab an apron and get settled in! Class times include a bit of dry time depending on the painting. You will want to allow 15-30 minutes after the event in case your painting hasn’t dried to touch yet. Some driers are provided to speed things along.

We must ask all guests be 21 or older for our paint and sip events.